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Air cargo & safety

Aerospace major

Transporting personnel & delivering cargo & spare parts to war torn regions - we reduced the number of steps in this is a mission critical process to make the supply chain simpler and trackable faster


& privacy

When employees find something thats not ethical or correct in the line of work, they want to report safely and without fear. We worked with this bank (one of the top 4 in UK) to develop a platform to report, manage & resolve such incidents.

Dental insurance app

Scandinavian market

An insurance startup making a transition from motor insurance to dental insurance in the Scandinavian market. We helped them with customer discovery, market research and launching an MVP.


Smart meters

Demand response startup working with the National Grid to develop a data visualisation platform to monitor all the smart meters installed at customer locations. We helped developed the visualisation dashboard and helped move the team away from excel documents to one source of truth web application.

Ministry of Defence

Device safety & tracking

An incident reporting and escalation web app for Ministry of Defence - when digital devices are lost or misplaced by personnel. We helped develop a web app to track & audit the device trail to data security & management.


Micro transactions

A leading publishing house trying to monetise digital content through micro transactions. We helped in customer discovery, pricing, research and go to market strategy in 2 major segments - sports & fashion.

Ministry of Justice

Prosecution workflow

Delays caused by paper work transport causes huge delays for the prosecution service in moving cases forward and faster. We helped implement a beta app to send, track and review documents in realtime for the Crown Prosecution Service.

Video streaming

OTT Platform engagement

Customer engagement while & after watching their favourite shows on this leading OTT platform was a new feature that the client wanted to assess. We helped in research, prototyping & testing this feature for both mobile & web.

Online gambling

Player safety

A leading online gaming hub wanted to improve player onboarding with increased player safety adhering to Gambling Commissions rules. We developed a sign up process for all the gaming apps with full control to players to opt out & self exclude.

Real estate

Land survey & buying

Connecting land buyers and developers on a SaaS platform to survey, assess & buy. We helped improve user engagement & stickiness across the mobile & web apps.

Adtech SaaS

Beyond social media

An Adtech startup trying the fill the gap in the traditional agency client model. We helped develop the SaaS MVP for a specific customer segment, improving beta signups and the getting paying customers on board.

From idea to MVP

UX, UI & Engineering


Wireframes, rapid prototyping

User research

Customer pain points and designing for value

Mobile first & responsive

iOS & Android

Customer development & segments

Who will use your product & pay for

Traction experiments

Distribution channel that works


How to talk about pricing early on

Design thinking

Lean Canvas, mafia offer, rapid experiments

UI & interactions

hi-fidelity design, UX writing & interactions

Growth models

Post product market fit readiness

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